Temple Of Source presents: Divine Resonance healing & Camping Retreat

November 3-5, 2023 | Lockhart, TX

Temple Of Source presents:
Divine Resonance Healing & Camping Retreat
November 3-5, 2023 | Lockhart, TX


Are you a lightworker who’s cup gets filled in nature and around other radiant souls? Are you known to give a lot to others? Well now come receive DIVINE RESONANCE with community!


At this incredible time of ascension and shift, the lightworker community is at the forefront. We are here to hold down the energies while we witness the transformation in the quality of life on our planet. Let’s do it together! Let’s uplift each other!


We invite you to our Healing & Camping Retreat to reboot, recharge and rejuvenate under the stars with top healing practioners, sacred music artists, kundalini yoga, ceremonies, drum circles, healthy, delicious food, creative vendors and an atmosphere filled with other champions of change.


Come help us give loving presence to the land and inaugurate our new ranch space. Gather with us while being nourished and unified around this galactic, blissful time on Earth.


Located only 30-minutes outside of Austin in Lockhart, TX, we’re coming together in sacred community. Take in the fresh country air, and connect
more deeply with yourself and others away from our busy lives.


Presented by Temple of Source, the retreat will take place on 38-beautiful acres in Lockhart, TX called the Temple of Source Ranch (1501 Boggy Creek Rd Lockhart TX 78644). Journey with us for a transformative experience nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Central Texas in the optimal Fall weather.


This is a ‘No alcohol or drug event’. Thank you for honoring this request.


If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Leilah @ info@templeofsource.com


Visit https://uniquemindfulevents.com/events/divine-resonance-retreat/ for the program schedule and to purchase your tickets and camping pass.


Weekend Pass – Adult (kids under 12 free)
Friday Night Ticket
Saturday Ticket
Sunday Ticket
Parking and/or Weekend Camping Pass
50% discount code til Wednesday night @ 11pm
20% discount code til event Friday afternoon @ 2:00pm
Use code resonance50 until Wednesday and resonance20 from Thursday onward.
Door price will be $222

3rd Eye Lounge

Breathing into the Void


Shuniya Yoga Collective

Shantiji Guided Meditation

Sacred Cacao

Palo Santo Sacred Journey

Sacred Sisters ATX

Awakened Heart

What to expect:


Divine Music Evenings: A Symphony Of Sensations

As twilight descends and stars take the stage, prepare to be enchanted by our Divine Music Evenings. A curated showcase of phenomenal multi-genre artists, each promising to take you on a journey across sonic landscapes and emotional terrains.


Kundalini Yoga Sessions: Awakening The Serpent Energy

Dive deep into the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga, an ancient practice that merges movement, breath, and mantra to awaken and channel the dormant Kundalini energy nestled at the base of the spine. Often visualized as a coiled serpent, when this potent energy is activated, it rises through the chakras, clearing blockages, amplifying awareness, and connecting the practitioner to the universal consciousness.

Our Kundalini Yoga sessions are thoughtfully designed for both beginners and seasoned yogis. Guided by experienced instructors, you’ll embark on a journey that:

 Ignites Inner Power: Tap into the reservoir of your innate strength.

 Harmonizes Breath and Movement: Cultivate balance and focus through synchronized breathwork and asanas.

 Employs Sacred Sound: Harness the vibrational energy of mantras to enhance meditation and channel positivity.

 Balances the Chakras: Align your energy centers, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

 Fosters Spiritual Growth: Connect deeper to your higher self, paving the way for transformative insights and enlightenment.



Elemental Breathwork: Breathing With The Rhythms Of Nature

Immerse yourself in the profound practice of Elemental Breathwork, a transformative journey that intertwines the art of conscious breathing with the timeless energies of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. Drawing inspiration from the world around us, this practice seeks to harmonize our inner rhythms with the elemental forces of nature.

In our Elemental Breathwork sessions, you will experience:

 Earth Connection: Ground yourself, finding stability and strength. Delve into deep, foundational breaths that anchor and nurture.

 Water Flow: Embrace fluidity and healing. Experience the cleansing power of rhythmic, flowing breath cycles that wash over you, rejuvenating mind and body.

 Air Exploration: Elevate and expand. Engage in light, expansive breaths that encourage clarity, creativity, and open-heartedness.

 Fire Ignition: Ignite passion and transformation. Harness the invigorating force of sharp, intentional breaths that energize and catalyze change.

 Ether Alignment: Connect with the vastness beyond the tangible. Surrender to the ethereal, embracing breaths that guide you toward deeper introspection and universal connectivity.

Guided by seasoned facilitators, our Elemental Breathwork sessions are an invitation to:

 Illuminate Inner Landscapes: Explore the depths and expanses of your inner world, unveiling hidden strengths and insights.

 Nourish Growth: Just as nature evolves, so can you. Harness the elements to fuel personal development and holistic well-being.

 Foster Heart-Centered Living: Align with the heartbeat of the earth, fostering compassion, gratitude, and unity.


Rhythmic Drum Circles: Heartbeats Of Unity And Expression

 Merge your unique rhythm with the collective, experiencing the entrancing power of synchrony. Drawing from global drumming traditions, explore diverse rhythms that bind humanity together across continents and cultures. Allow the rhythmic beats to lull you into a meditative state, creating a bridge between the conscious and the sublime.


Sacred Camping Spots: Slumber Under The Celestial Canopy

Nestled amidst nature’s embrace, our Sacred Camping Spots offer more than just a place to lay your head. These sanctuaries, imbued with ancient energies and enveloped in the tranquility of the wild, invite you to reconnect with Earth and spirit under the vast expanse of the starlit sky.

When you choose our Sacred Camping Spots, you’ll:

 Dream Beneath the Stars: Pitch your tent under a canopy of constellations, letting their age-old stories whisper tales of cosmic wonder as you drift into dreams.

 Harmonize with Nature: Awaken to the morning symphony of chirping birds, rustling leaves, and gentle breezes, setting the rhythm for your day.

 Root & Reflect: Ground yourself amidst ancient trees and serene landscapes. Here, you can meditate, journal, or simply bask in the gentle ebb and flow of nature’s energies.

 Find Solitude & Unity: Whether you seek a private corner for introspection or the warm embrace of communal campfires, our spots cater to your soul’s desires.


Each Sacred Camping Spot is:

 Safeguarded & Respectful: Ensuring you a serene and secure stay, we honor both the land and its visitors, fostering a space of mutual respect and care.

 Eco-Conscious: As stewards of Earth, we ensure minimal impact on the environment, promoting leave-no-trace principles and sustainable camping practices.

 Well-Facilitated: Access to clean water, sustainable sanitary solutions, and dedicated areas for communal gatherings ensures comfort amidst the wild.

The wilderness holds ancient secrets, stories of old, and energies that nourish the soul. Our Sacred Camping Spots provide a haven for those seeking a deeper connection with the land, the cosmos, and oneself. Lay down your roots, even if just for a night, and let nature’s embrace rejuvenate your spirit.



FAQ & Policies

1. What is the “Temple Of Source: Divine Resonance Retreat” all about?

A: This retreat is a harmonious blend of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and other spiritual and wellness activities, designed to help participants connect with their inner selves, nature, and a like-minded community.

2. Where is the event located?

A: The retreat will take place in 1501 Boggy Creek Rd Lockhart TX 78644, on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2023.

3. Do I need prior experience in yoga or meditation to attend?

A: No, our sessions cater to both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Our experienced instructors will guide everyone based on their comfort and skill level.

4. Can I buy a ticket for just one day?

A: Yes, while we recommend the full three-day experience for optimal benefits, one-day passes are available closer to the event and on-site at the box office.

5. What should I bring with me?

A: We recommend you bring comfortable clothing for yoga and meditation, personal camping gear (if you opt for the Sacred Camping Spots), a drum, snacks, yoga mats, coolers, ice, water, jackets, and an open heart ready for transformation. No glass containers will be allowed on the premises. This is a non-alcoholic, family friendly event. Temple Of Source, Inc reserves the right to remove individuals from the premises for any reason with no offer of refund. Coolers checked upon arrival. Temple Of Source, Inc will adhere to all local, state and federal laws and cooperate with police, fire and emergency services.

6. Will food and beverages be provided?

A: Yes, a wide variety of vendors will be there and we have made sure to keep everyone in mind! You may also bring your own food to adhere to your dietary restrictions.

7. What about parking facilities?

A: A parking pass must be purchased online or upon arrival. Camping Pass does not require a Parking Pass.

8. Can I bring my children?

A: This is an all ages, family friendly event!

9. Are pets allowed?

A: While we love our furry friends, pets are not allowed in order to maintain the sanctity and flow of the event.

10. Is there a refund policy?

A: No refunds with the exception of cancellation, force majeure, extreme weather, or exceptional circumstances upon review by organizers.

11. Will there be any vendors or stalls at the event?

A: Absolutely! We’ll have a curated selection of vendors offering spiritual and wellness-related products, artisanal crafts, food, and more. If you would like to apply to be a vendor, please email us at info@templeofsource.com

12. How can I stay updated about the artist line-up?

A: Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for announcements regarding our line-up and other exciting news!

13. Are there any health and safety guidelines in place due to COVID-19?

A: Yes, the safety of our attendees is paramount. We’ll be following all recommended health guidelines and will provide detailed information closer to the date.

14. Can I volunteer for the event?

A: Yes, we cherish our community’s involvement. If you’re interested in volunteering, please reach out to Leilah at info@templeofsource.com.