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Temple Of Source

We are a place of devotion, joy, yoga, dance, meditation, sacred ceremonies, awareness of self and of the elements, truth and ascension.

All are welcome!

Featured courses

Here are the main practices we offer:

Musical expression

Music is a force as powerful as any of the natural elements. We turn to it on a daily basis for refuge, motivation, comfort, and empathy because of its power to transform and transport us. By gathering together and making or listening to music that resonates with our personal journeys, we’re celebrating a universal sound that binds us together and illuminates the quest toward awareness and self discovery.

• Kirtan
• Heart singing circles
• Mantra chanting
• Icaros and other medicinal music
• Gong
• Sound bowls
• Ecstatic dance
• Tantric dance
• Sacred geometry dance
• Drumming
• Tibetan throat chanting
• Didgeridoo
• Tabla
• Sacred drum building
• Regular concerts
• Invoking sound for spiritual cleansing and activation

Connection to higher realms

Beyond acknowledging the great force that exists outside of us, these focused practices aim to help you connect with that force and use its energy for ascension into a higher consciousness.

• Light language
• Evolution into group consciousness
• Pendulum and vocal channeling
• Group astral travel
• Working with Ascended Masters

Sacred rituals

Join us in a wide variety of time-honored rituals including:

• Plant wisdom
• Cacao ceremony
• Alternative herbal and natural treatments
• Despacho gratitude offerings
• Drum circles
• Group devotion practice
• Higher self soul activations
• Silence practice
• Group telepathy
• Ascension meditations

Nature connection

Together we will invoke the power and wisdom of the elements in order to find our place on this earth through the following practices:

• Water blessing
• Fire ceremony
• Qi movement and other practices devoted to the element of air
• Earth treks
• Crystal practice
• Crystal gridding

Embodied practice

These practices allow us to connect to our deeper selves using our own bodies and carefully-honed methods of yoga and meditation to align ourselves with the inherent energy within.

• Yoga
• Meditation
• Breath work
• Dance
• Energy cleansing
• Manifestation and planning exercises
• Chakra balancing
• Mindfulness
Temple Of Source is a refuge for the mind, body and soul. Through various practices and disciplines we gather in one united effort to discover our highest self and reveal our true purpose in life. We invite you to join us on our quest toward truth, awareness and-above all-love.

We Have Two Event and Retreat Locations:

Our Mt. Shasta, California location know as the high crown and root chakra of Earth brings healing and galactictivations just by showing up. Attending classes and ceremony here you watch the beautiful lotus of your spiritual essence unfold in an ever so graceful and expedient nature. We are currently renovating 30 apartments across the street from the Temple to house retreat guests. We also have 20 acres of sacred land in front of beautiful and holy Mt. Shasta for camping and sacred ceremony.

Our Lockhart, Texas location just 30 minutes from downtown Austin offers ceremonies, group meditation and coming soon, an immersive sensory experience for balancing all of your chakras, as well as kirtan and other ecstatic and enlightening musical experiences.. This location is setup to host camping and glamping participants who wish to stay for a week or a weekend getaway.

Shantiji Shivaya Ehrlich

About our founder

Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the United States, Shantiji began studying yoga and meditation in high school after discovering a book by Paramahansa Yogananda at her favorite bookstore. She soon traveled to India, where she began her life’s work of exploring the many routes to enlightenment and healing, a journey that led her to time spent with Naga Baba Shivraj Giri. Throughout her life, she’s shared her light and wisdom around the world including India, Egypt, Spain, Thailand, Costa Rica, Cambodia and China, including time spent working with vulnerable children in Mexico, Haiti, Kenya and India. In addition to being a KRI-certified kundalini yoga instructor, Shantiji was trained in reiki in Thailand and also teaches a wide variety of healing and ascension disciplines including chakra balancing and non-duality-meditation. she lives with her family in Austin Texas. Also, she spends time at the high crown chakra and root chakra of Earth, Mt. Shasta, California.